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2012 School Games

The U15 team had to get up early on Saturday i.e. meet at school at 7am (some didn’t seem very happy about this!!) so that they could travel to Aldershot. The team were greeted by Mrs Page (which meant Miss Walker could have an extra 30 minutes lie in and meet them straight at the ferry!) and promptly fell back into their slumber on the journey from Sandown to Fishbourne. The journey to Aldershot was uneventful, thankfully, other than the very poor singing on the minibus (and that was by Mrs Page!) On arriving at Aldershot Military Stadium we were shown to the venue that was staging the rounders tournament. We could tell by the weather that it was going to be tricky conditions – a strong wind and drops of rain. The first game was a close result, winning 5 rounders to 4 ½ . The second game was just as close but unfortunately this time (for some reason?!?) Sandown were on the losing side. The next two matches were against teams that ended up coming 1st and 2nd overall, and both of these teams had convincing wins over the slightly deflated Sandown team. Our last game was against Perins and we could have won this game, but ended up being on the losing side, losing by 1 ½ rounders.
The Sandown team finished 5th overall. 12 schools had made it through to the School Games. 
After the rounders competition had finished Sandown entered into the spirit of the day by having their very own T-shirt competition. You will have to ask the girls about this. The winning team consisted of Charlie, Emily K, Steph, Emily L and Charlie.
Next, the team wanted to demonstrate their Gymnastics skills (or lack of!!) by creating human pyramids. Very kindly they included Miss Walker in this pyramid, who stupidly agreed and decided to help form the base (ah – so that is why my back hurts!!). Eventually after three attempts they succeeded. The rounders team are Hannah Burcombe, Emily Knight, Stephanie Smith, Charlie Grant, Tara Dean, Charlotte Dollery, Emily Hayes, Emily Linzmaier, Chloe Bird and Rebekah Gregory. Abbie Howard was unable to attend due to attending qualifiers for netball.
Eventually the team decided to wander around and take in the rest of the games that were being staged; volleyball, netball, handball, swimming and finally athletics, where Sandown had 6 of their athletes competing – Matt Taylor, Zak Chiverton, Aidan Pearce, Callum Kotsapas, Jack Winter and Rebekah Gregory. All competed to their best of their ability in a very strong field of athletes. The best performance was from Callum who came second in his event and qualified for the English Schools – very well done Callum! Unfortunately he will be in Arran when this takes place and so will not be able to go.
I think it is fair to say that everyone who went on Saturday, despite the early start and late return in the evening, all had a fantastic day. I know I did. Many thanks to all of the students who took part for their exceptional behaviour – you are all true ambassadors of Sandown Bay Academy. Thanks also to Mrs Page for helping with the minibuses and athletes.