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National Indoor Rowing Championships

Live updates from the National Indoor Rowing Championships – Friday 15th March

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33 young rowers from Sandown Bay Academy travelled to Lee Valley Athletics Stadium  to compete in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships, NJIRC. Rowers were to compete against fellow rowers from around the country over a set time. Sandown Bay Academy took rowers from years 7 through to year 13.

The day began with the year 13 race which was held over 2000m , Sam Miselbach completed the distance in a time of 7:59. Cameron Lyons and Sam Goddard both competed in the year 12 boys category and covered the distance in 7:11 and 7:37 respectively.

The year 7 boys and girls, who were all relatively new to the sport, competed over a 2 minute race. The best result came from Kirren Shaw who finished an impressive 23rd out of a field of 180. Elys Norman from year 8 had won a bronze medal the previous year, so we keen to improve. Elys competed over a time of 3 minutes, covering a distance of 849m, and finishing an impressive 2ndplace, out of a field of 185.He was awarded is medal by gold medal winning Olympic Oarswomen, Katherine Grainger.

In the year 9 race, Amber DeLandro, Hannah Cusworth, Juliette Wrixon and Sophie Swallow competed in a 4 minute race against 200 other rowers. Amber took the top spot for Sandown, finishing in 50th position. In the boys race pver the same distance Harry Miselbach just piped Luke Wedderkop, covering a distance of 1071m and 1041m respectively.

In the year 10 boys race, Sandown put outs its biggest field of 7 rowers all competing over 5 minutes. All of the boys were pushing each other hard all the way, with Matt Miselbach securing a personal best and narrowly missing out on a medal, finishing 4th. Joe Evans-Murray finished 13thfollowed by Ronnie Cranfield in 39th.

The year 11 girls race, was again over the same distance, with Ella Payne, a previous NJIRC winner, along with Sophie Brown, Gemma Smith and Hannah Shaw competing. Ella this year secured the silver medal, with Sophie Brown coming 4th, Hannah Shaw 19th and Gemma Smith 55th. In the year 11 boys race Alex Rpbertson finished an impressive 19th, with William Ford And Robert Kettlety close behind.

Sandown also entered the ‘boat race’ relay race. Team had to race over the same distance as the Oxford and Cambridge annual boat race, whilst being cheered on by the university crews. Sandowns top team finished 9th and the second team 35th overall.





Live updates

11.08pm- Last report for the day. Staff just arrived at their homes, safe in the knowledge that all Sandown Bay Academy Rowers are tucked up in their beds, having a well deserved rest after a very long day. Well done to everything - you have all been great! A brilliant day had by all.

17:29pm - SBA claim another place on the podium, with a Silver for Ella Payne in an exceptional final race. SBA performed brilliantly in that heat. Such a shame that Sophie Brown, who finished 2nd in the race behind Ella, was pushed into 4th place overall - but this is 4th in the Country! In the Year 11 girls competition, Sandown now have two rowers in the top 4 in England. Fantastic!

16:54pm - Wow, what a race - Year 11 girls

1589m Ella 1st
1553m Sophie 2nd
1463m Hannah 6th
1366m Gemma 14th

Awaiting confirmation of other heats, furthest so far is 1616m. Will two of our rowers at least be on the podium? An immense effort from all four girls

16:41pm - Ella Payne, Sophie Brown, Gemma Smith and Hannah Shaw take to the arena for the last round of today's competition - Year 11 girls

Alex 7th 1685m

Awaiting confirmation of placings:
Will 1632m
Rob 1609m

16:30pm - Year 11 boys race gets under way. After 1st minute Rob is in the lead out of the SBA boys. After 2nd minute Alex is out in front for the SBA lads. At the 3rd minute Alex is in 11th place, still leading Rob and Will

16:25pm - Year 11 boys step up for their race... Alex Robertson, Rob Kettlety, Will Ford. Good luck!

16:20pm -Results from Year 10 boys’ heat

1 Matt 1452m

3. Joe Evans Murray 1424m

6. Ronnie 1357m

7. Ed 1352m

16. Harry 1215

17. Jaimey 1188m

 Joe Monger 1160m

Sam Moseley

Chloe Russell Thompson came 10th in her heat with a distance of 1197m.

15:40pm- 1434m is the distance to beat in the yr10 boys

15:36pm - Year 10 boys are about to start their heats. Rowing for Sandown are Jaimey Wain, Sam Moseley, Edward Cooper, Joe Evans-Murray, Joe Monger, Callum Kotsapas, Matt Miselbach, Harry Hopper

3.31pm -

Heat 4 results:

Amber, 5th, 960m

Hannah 10th, 920m

Sophie 17th, 882m

Juliette, 20th, 871

Winning distance in this heat was 1063m which becomes the distance to beat in the Year 9 competition. It's all over for Sandown's Year 9 girls. A well fought race.

3.30pm - Amber moves into 5th place with 45 seconds remaining

3:25pm - Juliette, Sophie and Amber 2 minutes into their race. Amber leading our girls in 8th place.

3:09pm - 1029m is the distance to beat in the year 9 girls competition, achieved in Heat 2 by The Royal Latin Scho

3:02pm -Our year 9 girls team will race in heat 4. The winning distance in heat 1 is 1015m. How will our girls fair?

2:54pm - Ok, we're back! (phone died and needed recharging!) The year 9 girls are waiting in the holding pen for their heat. Sophie Swallow, Hannah Cusworth, Juliette Wrixon and Amber De Landro make up our Year 9 team.

14:04pm - Team relay races taking place currently, after which will be the Year 9 girls, Year 10 Boys and Girls, finishing with Year 11s.

13:06pm - Elys Norman is the first rower for Sandown to make the podium, reaching 2nd place in the Year 8 Boys race. Second in the Country!! His silver medal was presented to him by CBE and GB Olympic gold medallist from London 2012, Katherine Grainger.

12:54pm - Year 9 boys finished in heat, 5th and 7th. 1153m winning distance, our boys rowed 1071m and 1041m.

12:52pm - Year 9 boys, 1 minute in our boys are 9th and 16th

12:48pm - Elys Norman still awaits final placings for the Yr8 boys race. Is he/isn't he a medallist

12:44pm - Harry & Luke check in with the judges. Race starts in 5 minutes.

12:35pm - It's is now the turn of our Year 9 boys: Harry Miselbach, Luke Wedderkop12:29pm - Year 8 girls heat 5, Ellen 4th place rowing 683m, one metre behind 3rd place and 72m behind winning distanc

12:14 -Ellen Williams, our sole representative for Year 8 girls, steps up to her race. How far can she row in 3 minutes?

12:12 pm - The Year 7 girls competition winning distance was 522m. Kirren was our closest competitor with a distance of 486m. Awaiting overall placings.

11:56am - Elys Norman knocked into 2nd place currently by 7metres. Still races to be raced...

11:06am - Poppy Goad and Kirren Shaw now take to the Year 7 stage. They will be racing in Heat 1 in a few minutes

11:05am - The Year 7 race is straightforward (so they say!) Row as far as you can in two minutes. Callum and Flynn compete in the same heat. The winning time in their heat is

Flynn finished 18th covering 432m

Cameron finished 21st covering 425m

10:50am Flynn Powell and Callum Watkins step up to their Year 7 heat

10:31am - Cameron Lyon and Sam Goddard, both Year 12, have just raised in their heat, finishing in 7.11.5 (7th place in heat) and 7.37.8 (17th) respectively.

10:15am - Heat 2, Sam's race, was won in 6.36.2, faster than heat 1. Sam struggled towards the end, putting on a brave finish, real pain showing in his face, in 7.59.0 - a real physical and mental in the last 500m.

9.45am - Sam Miselbach is waiting in the holding pen for his Yr13 race. Races have started, Sam is in the next heat. All other students are getting into their smart new SBA rowing vests.