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Sandown Bay goes Wild at Bestival

For this the second year running, students from Sandown Bay Academy were invited to perform street theatre amongst the thousands of festival go-ers at the Bestival . Over the past year the year 12 sixth form BTEC Performing Arts students have demonstrated and developed their superb talents through a range of assignments. The students have covered various different practitioners and styles ranging from Theatre for Children and Theatre in Education to Stand-up comedy. This has culminated in a performance of Street Theatre at the Bestival.


The Arts Co-coordinator of the Bestival selected 3 final ideas from their proposals ; a Tribal Bloco, a Tribal Flashmob and Nature Mockumentaries. The performances were showcased across the various Bestival arenas; Tomorrows World, Bollywood Field, Grassy Hill and Ballroom Field. 


The Performing Arts team enjoyed every minute of the whole process. Lucy Wilders, who choreographed the Flash-mob act with Shannon Rich said, “This is such a great opportunity; I never thought that I would perform at the Bestival; especially not through school!”


Miss Hopwood added, “I’m so proud of the students’ work this year. Having the opportunity to perform at such a prestigious festival really supports the ethos of the BTEC courses at Sandown Bay Academy – creating real life vocational opportunities for students to succeed as part of the community. We very much hope that this can become a template for future years!”