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U13 Girls' Cricket South West Regional Indoor Finals


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Early bath for the girls cricketers, but a great experience for all. Earlier return home:

5.30pm into Yarmouth

6.15pm at Sandown Bay Academy

PE mobile for emegencies: 07976009239




Early bath for Sandown. Great experience for them. Once we get on the road we will contact you (and parents) with an earlier eta.


Third game closest one yet - took 6 wickets, but didnt notch up enough runs. Fourth and final game about to commence.



Girls are playing well, but are outclassed at the moment. Played two, lost two. Slow to score runs, but several wickets taken. Girls remain upbeat.




The team arrive, ready for their first game.


So far so good. Despite missing our ferry from Yarmouth (can think of worst places to sit for an hour given yesterday's glorious sunshine) the trip has gone without any further glitches. This part of Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) is worse than Milton Keynes in terms of roundabouts - and Mr Haydon felt it necessary to circumnavigate several of them in their entirety, although that may have been Tom's fault, the inboard navigation system. Many students commented on having 'de ja vous'. Was very apt when Mr Haydon said 'bollards' as the sat nav did take us up a narrow road which was closed off at the end with concrete posts! (Who told me the other day about Mr Haydon and reversing?!!) After a 33 point turn we managed to find the travelodge car park.

Evening dinner went without any problems - I have to say these students have impeccable table manners and they even set up the rule of no phones at the dinner table, and they policed this!

All went off to bed at 9.30pm and I haven't heard sight or sound of them since (I'm kind of worried now - think I better go and check on them!)

Well - I can hear snoring so at least I know they're alive. Breakfast at 7.30am, then packing up and heading to University of Bristol for round 1 of the SW finals.