Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement

Sandown Bay Academy recognises that the successful development of its pupils depends on an effective partnership of school, students and parents. All three parties share responsibility for the development and achievement of each pupil. Together, we commit ourselves to the following:


The school will


·         Provide a learning environment that is stimulating, safe and caring

·         Treat everyone with respect

·         Ensure that each pupil has the opportunities, support and guidance to achieve his/her full potential

·         Report regularly on each pupil’s progress

·         Expect high standards, set clear rules, promote mutual respect and develop a sense of responsibility

·         Keep parents informed about school matters, be welcoming to enquiries and responsive to concerns

·         Record and reward good progress and performance

·         Offer extra-curricular activities that will develop broader skills to prepare for life and the world of work

·         Keep your child for detentions where necessary/communicated

·         Actively communicate school policies and procedures.

·         Deal with complaints I have regarding in school concerns through the appropriate SBA procedure.


As parent/carer, I/we will:


          Make sure my/our child attends school in correct uniform, arrives on time and is properly equipped for school

        Encourage my/our child to work hard and support them in homework

           Support the school’s policies and guidelines

        Allow my/our child to attend off-site visits and make payment where required

           Agree to sanctions, including detentions that are part of the school policy

           Make sure that time is not taken out of school unless it is urgent

           Agree to my/our child’s photograph or film/video footage being taken for the school’s use and for use by SBA.

           Encourage my/our child to participate in the extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school

          Respond to requests to take part in discussions regarding my child’s education


As a student, I will:


          Work hard in class and at home, so that I can achieve my full potential

         Attend school everyday, in correct uniform, be on time, and with correct equipment

           Organise my homework and record my achievements

           Keep the school rules, behave responsibly and be polite to others in the Academy and in the wider community

          Take part in extra-curricular activities offered by the school

           Care for the environment – in and out of school and house

          Accept/attend detentions and other sanctions

          Behave in a way that enables other children to get on with their work at school

           Understand that whilst wearing SBA uniform we are representing the school

           Treat all members of the school with respect at all times



Signed by Head teacher:

Name: Mr Kelly

Date: September 2017


Signed by parent/carer:

Signed by student

Name (printed):


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