Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement




 Sandown Bay Academy will do its best to enable students and staff to give of their best and to achieve their best: 







Sandown Bay Academy aspires to achieve its aim by:


      developing the individual talents of all students to their fullest potential, enabling them to gain the best results and qualifications of which they are capable;


      engendering a sense of personal worth and physical well-being, enabling students to become self-confident, self-reliant, self-disciplined and responsible, in an environment that offers support, guidance and counselling as necessary;


      creating an enjoyable, lively and creative process of teaching and learning;


      promoting high standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and a respect for the individual whatever his or her age, abilities, race, background or creed;


      providing an environment in which all staff experience a sense of professional well-being and are willing to give of their best;


      fostering the partnership between students, staff, parents, governors and the wider community;


      ensuring ‘every child matters’.


1.  The Parents/Carers


I/we will:


      ensure that my/our child attends regularly and is punctual;

      inform the Academy of any concerns that may affect my/our child’s work or behaviour;

      attend Parents’ Consultation Days and discussions about my/our child’s progress;

      ensure my/our child is properly equipped for the Academy and wears the correct uniform;

      support the Academy's policies and guidelines for behaviour and homework;

      get to know about my/our child’s life at Sandown Bay Academy;

      ensure that my/our child behaves in a responsible and positive manner towards others.


1          The Academy


The Academy will:


      care for your child’s safety and happiness;

      treat each child as an individual;

      aim to help each student attain his/her full potential;

      have a special needs policy and respond to the needs of SEN children in accordance with this;

      provide a balanced curriculum to meet your child’s needs;

      set regular and sufficient homework;

      send home regular reports and arrange Parents’ Consultation Days for discussion of student progress;

      let parents know about any concerns or problems that affect their child’s work or behaviour;

      deal with complaints promptly, in accordance with our compliments/complaints policy;

      keep parents informed about Academy activities through regular newsletters;

      be open and welcoming at all times.


2         The Student


I will:


      attend regularly and on time;

      wear correct uniform;

      complete my homework;

      observe the Academy's behaviour and anti-bullying policies;

      ask someone when I need help, no matter how small the problem may seem;

      respect myself;

      respect and care for other people, buildings and equipment;

      keep the Academy free from litter and graffiti;

      become involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible;

      enjoy my time at Sandown Bay Academy.