Agreed Achievables

1.    Students enter and leave lessons in a purposeful manner. They are welcomed into the classroom and set to work promptly.


2.    Students are wearing the correct school uniform or have followed the school procedures if not.

3.    Students have their planners and equipment required to effectively engage in their learning with them.


4.    Students receive appropriate homework regularly, have a record in their planner that it has been set and have access to it via Show My Homework.


5.    Students are able to learn in an environment that models high expectations of presentation and organisation.


6.    Students know where they are expected to sit each lesson.

7.    Students know what they are going to be learning and what steps they are going to take to achieve the learning in their lesson.


8.    Students know how they are expected to present their work and look after their exercise books.

9.    Students understand how they are performing in lessons and how to improve their work. Their work will be regularly marked and evidently valued.


10.  Students understand how to behave appropriately and within the school rules so that they can learn effectively.