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Challenge & Achievement Days

Sometimes in school we need longer ‘chunks’ of time to teach learners skills or to focus on particular areas of their learning.  During each year, on carefully selected days, we will ‘re-shape’ the regular timetable and re-direct all students and staff onto year-based activities. These are known as Challenge and Achievement days.

The principal aim of Challenge and Achievement days is to allow the opportunity for experiences and activities which don’t necessarily fit into a one hour lesson - including study visits, problem solving, confidence and team building projects, workshops, careers advice, work experience, additional study support sessions, performances and guest speakers and presenters. Students may also have the chance to develop specific skills and undertake additional qualifications e. g. Sports Leadership.

These days not only allow groups of learners to focus on different themes or skills for a longer period of time, they also provide an ideal opportunity to deliver the governments’ statutory curriculum requirements in RE, Citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education and Careers information and Guidance in a more relevant and  integrated manner.  A huge range of activities, guest speakers, trips and targeted study sessions take place including:  

Accreditations in: Sports Leadership Level 1 and 2,

Football Leaders. First Aid at Work.

Theme Days: ‘World Culture Day,’  ‘Wonderstruck,’ ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Day,’ ‘Outdoor Learning Day,’

‘Head on’ Road Safety, ‘Newspaper Day,’ ‘Christmas Recycling Challenge,’ ‘Politics Day,’ ‘British Citizenship Day,’

‘Crime Scene Investigation Day’.  

Enrichment: Sports coaching, Tennis, Relaxation, Camp Craft.

Trips to: Science Museum - London, Higher Education Fair – Portsmouth, Kingsmead Activity Centre, University Opens Days, Headhunters.

Information and Guidance: Options day for Year 9,

UCAS talks, Careers Fair, Careers workshops and interviews.