Accelerated Reader for students in Years 7 and 8

We are thrilled to have the world’s most widely used reading software to help raise literacy standards by motivating and supporting pupils of all levels and abilities.

It’s very simple for the students to use - a short test gives every child a precise reading level to show them which books to choose from the Accelerated Reader Library. 

Once the pupil has read the book, they take a computer-based quiz. The quizzes are fun; encouraging motivation and enjoyment of reading. The program provides a ‘TOPS’ report to log how well a pupil has performed. These reports are an opportunity to praise each child and can be shared with parents, tutors, librarians and teachers.

At Sandown Bay Academy, the pupils in Years 7 & 8 have a fortnightly Accelerated Reading lessons in the Library to guarantee focused time on choosing books and addressing any problems. Reading practice is also supported by the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) programme run within the school.

The majority of books within the AR scheme are fiction but some non-fiction books have been assigned a quiz (you can tell by the yellow sticker on the spine of the book). The Library also provides many books outside the AR scheme which encourage the students to explore the wider world of literature available to them.

Accelerated Reader helps to:

·         Provide guided independent reading practice

·         Inspire the love of reading

·         Encourage reluctant readers

·         Build self-confidence and develop self-directed learners

·         Improve pupils’ critical-thinking skills

·         Boost performance in all academic areas

Parents can share the progress by logging in to Home Connect.

This allows parents to look at their child's progress in Accelerated Reader, that is reading and quizzing including results of quizzes, books read, certificates gained, etc.

Click here for more information on Home Connect for Accelerated Reader. 

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