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The Bay CE School PE Uniform

posted 20 Jul 2018, 05:18 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 20 Jul 2018, 08:53 ]

Click here to view the letter to parents about The Bay CE School PE kit 

Click here to view a copy of the PE uniform list

Click here to order online 

Click here to view a paper copy of the order form 

Back in the day when we were Sandown County High School....

posted 20 Jul 2018, 03:44 by Katrina Heather

We have very kindly had the prospectus for the school when it was known as Sandown County High School, which dates back to 1985. It makes for a very interesting read! 

Please CLICK HERE if you wish to view it.

Useful Information for parents

posted 20 Jul 2018, 02:36 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 20 Jul 2018, 05:23 ]

Click here to read the letter from Nick Cousins, Head of School sent home on 20th July 2018.

Click here to read the letter from Lesley Walters, Vice Principal about tutor groups from September 2018. 

Click here for information about A Level and GCSE results days. 

Click here for the uniform list. Click here to view FAQs about uniform. 

Click here to view the PE uniform information.

Arrangements for the first day of term

The first day of term is Wednesday 5 September. School starts at 8.35am for all students and will finish at the normal end of school time of 3pm. 

Year 7 will arrive at the main school entrance, where they will be registered in an assembly and Nick Cousins, Head of School, will officially welcome them to The Bay CE School. All other year groups will go to extended registration which will last the duration of period 1. Timetables and planners will be shared along with any other key information. Normal lessons will commence period 2.

Reception will be open on 16th August and 23rd August. 2018. It will be closed for the remainder of the summer holidays and will reopen on Monday 3rd September. 

Pixl Celebration Event

posted 20 Jul 2018, 02:12 by Karen Bricknell

On Wednesday 18th July, parents and students attended an event to celebrate the 65 students who recently completed the Pixl Edge Programme.

The Pixl Edge Programme gives students the essential skills of employability; giving them ‘the edge’ when applying for jobs and college or university places.

Sandown Bay Academy provided a menu of opportunities for students to get involved in, including the mighty Baylink Olympics. These real life experiences gave them the chance to develop their Pixl skills of:






Special guests were in attendance, including Paul Brading, IOW Council cabinet member for children’s Services & Isle of Wight Councillor for Lake South, Debbie Andre, Isle of Wight Councillor Sandown North, Matthew Parker, High Speed Marine Environmental Health and Safety Officer and Rupert Harding, Director, Casper Douglas Group, Spithead Business Centre.

Congratulations to all students who completed the programme. 

Letter from Nick Cousins Head of School, The Bay CE School (Secondary)

posted 19 Jul 2018, 05:54 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 19 Jul 2018, 05:55 ]

Click here to view a copy of a letter to parents from Nick Cousins, Head of School (Secondary), The Bay CE School

Biometric Data Deadline Approaching

posted 16 Jul 2018, 00:25 by Katrina Heather

You may recall that we recently sent a letter to parents requesting consent to hold biometric data for your child. The deadline to return forms to us is Wednesday 18th June. Please return this via your child's tutor or return to reception. 

Please CLICK HERE to access the letter should you need another copy. 

Last Day of Term Arrangements

posted 13 Jul 2018, 05:46 by Katrina Heather

Please CLICK HERE to access a letter which will be handed to students on Monday 16th July regarding the last day of term. 

Uniform Update

posted 12 Jul 2018, 01:57 by Katrina Heather

There is an additional opportunity to view the new uniform, along with size samples of shirts/blouses and black jumpers for your child to try on if you wish. 

This will be on display at The Bay CE Primary School, Winchester Park Road, Sandown from between 08.45 - 17.00 on Thursday 12th July, Friday 13th July and  Monday 16th July.

Please CLICK HERE to view the uniform summary.

STEAM comes to Sandown....

posted 12 Jul 2018, 01:41 by Katrina Heather   [ updated 12 Jul 2018, 03:49 ]

For anyone unsure of what STEAM is; it is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Over the last 8 weeks, in an after-school club, 12 Year 7 students have undertaken a range of activities concerned with food.   The students initially looked at seasonal vegetables, and decided to plant a range of crops in our garden, after spending time preparing the soil, by digging, weeding and hoeing they planted seeds of a range of plants of seasonal plants, such as carrots, broad and runner beans.  The results have been mixed, what with the dry and very warm conditions we have faced but we have had some success, especially with the lettuce.

Following this we have spent time considering packaging in supermarkets and garden centres and have made biodegradable alternatives to the plastic pots and bags that are still used.  Students investigated how to make bioplastics using a range of scientific techniques such as following a method, measuring, heating and cooling and neutralisation, and were amazed at the stages and consistency their product went through, especially the large slow bubbles.  After exploring these plastics, the students then used their preferred bioplastics combined with a biodegradable material to make a carry home bag. We also investigated the viability of making paper pulp pots and made various sizes and shapes using different techniques. They found this process very messy but great fun.

Most recently the students were able to make bread and a salad dish, to take home for family and friends using vegetables similar to the ones planted in our garden.  In this activity, students were able to taste and use the different vegetables unfortunately not many enjoyed the broad beans, which they had spent time shelling and use their creativity to shape their bread rolls and in the way the cut and prepared vegetables.

It is the first time that I have undertaken a project which covers so many areas of the curriculum and I am sure the students would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the staff who helped in preparing resources for the students to use and staff who helped delivered some of its elements.  

I know they like myself have enjoyed working with an enthusiastic group of students and although the project has finished this year I would like to think that these students will become my STEAM ambassadors and help deliver an even better programme, next year.  

Mr Lockey


School Transport - Privilege Seat Application

posted 11 Jul 2018, 07:17 by Katrina Heather

Please CLICK HERE to view a letter issued by School Transport regarding the application for privilege seating on school buses for 2018/2019. 

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