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Bus Diversion: Closure of Eddington Road / Upper Green Road, St Helens

posted 19 Jun 2014, 00:24 by Karen Bricknell

Please find the changes bus services during the above closure. This will be in operation from the AM journey on Wednesday 18 June to the PM journey on Monday 30 June 2014, inclusive.

AM Route 314 to leave Binstead Cemetery Road 10 mins early at 0725, then operate normal route 10 mins early as far as Nettlestone Green (0740) then turn and operate diversion via Pondwell / Appley Road / Marlborough Road / Beaper Shute to Brading Bull Ring at normal time 0802, then on to Sandown Bay Academy.  Any students from St Helens / Carpenters Road would be able to use a specially extended 308 which would start from Oasis (Carpenters Road) at 0742 and then leave St Helens (top of Station Road) at 0747 as normal.

PM Route 314 - students from Sandown Bay Academy for St Helens or Carpenters Road will need to board the 308 in the afternoon - one will be extended to serve Carpenters Road.  All other students for 314 will get the normal 314 vehicle which will depart at 1510 then operate direct to Nettlestone (Roadside Inn) via Brading, Beaper Shute / Marlborough Road / Appley Road / Pondwell to Nettlestone (1538), turn and carry on with normal route from Nettlestone Roadside Inn to Binstead (dropping at all stops 10 mins later than normal).