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CHANGES TO BUSES: Road Closures (Winford Road & High Street Newchurch - 18/04 - 01/05)

posted 17 Apr 2018, 03:16 by Katrina Heather   [ updated 17 Apr 2018, 04:05 ]
We have been advised by School Transport that due to the above road closure the contracted bus services 309 & 310 serving Sandown Bay Academy will be merged to a single vehicle (310) and will be operating along a diversionary route. The details of the route and timetable are outlined below.

The vehicle will complete all the regular collections from bus stops to Pointers Inn, Newchurch before diverting along Newchurch Shute, Knighton Lane, Knighton Shute, the Downs Road and Downend Road before re-joining the service 309 route at Arreton Cross. Please note that stops between Forest Road, Winford and Pointers Inn, Newchurch will not be served.

310 AM

Smallbrook Stadium              0710

Ashey Old School                  0713

Knighton Waterworks            0718

Newchurch Pointer Inn          0720

Arreton (Hazeleycombe)        0740

Alverstone Garden Village    0750

Alverstone Old School           0755

Winford Hairpin Bend           0801

Apse Heath Crossroads        0804

Sandown Bay Academy          0814

310 PM

Sandown Bay Academy        1510

Apse Heath Crossroads        1520

Winford Hairpin Bend          1523

Alverstone Old School          1528

Alverstone Garden Village   1533

Arreton (Hazeleycombe)      1548

Newchurch Pointer Inn        1608

Knighton Waterworks          1610

Ashey Old School                  1615

Smallbrook Stadium              1618