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E-Safety guidance - Yellow app

posted 28 Nov 2016, 04:19 by Karen Bricknell

Yellow, has been sweeping the nation recently with lots of teenagers downloading this free app.

Yellow has been compared to the dating app Tinder, as users swipe right and left on profiles to connect with strangers. 

Unlike Tinder, which has a minimum age of 18, Yellow has no age checks.

Under 18s can only speak to other under 18s on the app, but there's no mechanism to stop adults lying about their age and pretending to be children.

The NSPCC is warning that this app buts children in danger of predators.

As e-safety officer, I'd like you to have a conversation with your child about the dangers of this platform and monitor that this app is not sitting on their SMART phones.

Please contact me if you require further information.

Ms. Garey
Leader for Business Studies
Deputy Head of Computing and Business Department