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Maths Update

posted 2 May 2018, 06:53 by Katrina Heather   [ updated 2 May 2018, 06:54 ]

UKMT Maths Challenges

With a number of pupils entered for each age group, this has been another successful and fun year for Sandown Bay Academy in the UK Maths Challenges.

First in the year was the Senior Challenge, in which a number of Sixth Form students pitted their wits against 25 tough questions. Most pupils gained at least a Bronze certificate whilst Daisy Faithfull once again came out on top, and qualified for the first round of the British Mathematics Olympiad. This 3 hour challenge had just 6 questions, and the strongest performing participants were then invited to take part in final qualifying to be part of an international team. Daisy achieved the rare feat of a perfect solution to one question, and whilst she did not make it through to the next round it was still a great achievement for her.

Next came the Intermediate Challenge, with 45 pupils from Years 10 and 11 taking part. Certificates will be given out in an assembly very soon, with a number of pupils surprising themselves with how well they did. Daniel Swain  scored the highest in Year 11, whilst Alex Linden-Jones not only scored the highest in Year 10 but also achieved highly enough to be invited to take part in the European "Kangaroo" competition. The questions in this year's Kangaroo challenge were particularly tough, and although Alex did not progress beyond that stage she should be proud of being part of such a small percentage of pupils able to compete at that level across not only the UK but also Europe.

This week saw the final installment with 50 Year 7 and 8 pupils taking the Junior Challenge on Thursday. There was a great buzz of excitement both before and after the challenge, and we look forward to receiving the results in the next week or two!

Well done to everyone who has taken part this year, and we look forward to continuing the participation - and success - next year!

Here are some of questions from each of this year's challenges if you would like to have a go. You can email your solutions to if you want to see how well you have done!



FMSP Maths Feast 16th March 2018


For the second consecutive year, we hosted a Year 10 Maths Feast. There were 9 teams of 4 students representing Sandown Bay Academy, Ryde Academy, Ryde School, Cowes Enterprise College and the Island Free School.  The competition focuses on developing problem-solving skills and teamwork. The rounds this year were engaging and the problem-solving round particularly, engrossed students worked in teams to provide their best four answers to six questions. Different strategies were used, with some teams attempting all six before choosing, while others decided to focus on the four they submitted to ensure that they got full marks on them. Ryde School's first team came in first, followed closely by The Island Free School's first team, with Cowes Enterprise College coming in a close third.

Team Work prize went to a SBA team for their cube construction and one of the Ryde Academy teams won an award for consistently good scores. The teams were ably supported by staff from each of the schools and sixth form students from Sandown Bay and Ryde Academy. 


The FMSP Maths Feast competition, which is for teams of four Year 10 students, proved popular nationally last year with over 80 events held across the country, attended by over 3000 state-school students.