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Recognition for excellent student behaviour

posted 10 Oct 2016, 03:13 by Karen Bricknell
We were delighted to receive an email on Friday from one of the Southern Vectis bus drivers about the excellent behaviour from Sandown Bay Academy students who travel on the 307 bus to and from school. 

Dear Mrs Charlemagne,

I write, with pleasure, to inform you regarding the Sandown Bay Academy students whom I carry on the 307 route, Southern Vectis school bus service each day. Having, for some considerable time now, driven various school groups including, of course, several Island schools, I wish to report the following:

I have rarely had the pleasure of being so impressed with the behaviour and general demeanour of school children such as your students.

Drivers are, sadly, all too frequently subjected to unacceptable and inconsiderate behaviour on the school buses.

I took on the 307 service at the start of the Autumn term and am delighted to be able to inform you that they, as well as being polite and considerate, have a marvellous reserve and are exceptionally well behaved when on the vehicle. Consequently, journeys are comfortable, relaxed and free of distraction. They are a credit to themselves and their school.

I really do appreciate this and have expressed my own thanks but I write to respectfully request your consideration perhaps of some small reward in recognition: I would anticipate house points or whatever credit system is employed by your school?

Unfortunately, I am unable to name all your students who use the 307 service.


I trust you find the above pleasing.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,

Martin Weare.


Southern Vectis.