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School Photographs - Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October

posted 19 Oct 2015, 00:37 by Karen Bricknell
Our School Photographer, Bentley Photography, is coming on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October to photograph the whole of years 7, 9, 11 and 12, and those students in other years who missed the opportunity last year. Bentley’s will photograph students individually and will provide creative photographs with a quality studio setting, but at a much lower price than via attendance at a studio.  We are using the proof plan system for these portrait photographs.  This means you will initially receive a sample photograph marked PROOF with order instructions and envelope for payment.  The pictures you order will be quality studio photographs. Once you receive your proof photographs, you can send your order form back to school. Bentley’s will then print and pack your orders and return the photographs to our school.

Our school receives a generous donation from Bentley’s as we receive commission on all photographs sold for our school funds.