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Sims Learning Gateway

posted 4 Jul 2016, 05:57 by Karen Bricknell

Sandown Bay Academy is proud to announce the launch of Sims Learning Gateway. It is a new online system which we are developing to be the comprehensive form of communication with parents. In the first instance it will be used to share your child’s report. You will receive a text message when the report is ready and then you will be able to log in to Sims Learning Gateway to read the report. 

What can it do?

· It allows you to check your child has arrived at school safely and gives you graphical views of attendance and behaviour data.

· You can check bulletins and announcements faster and download forms when you need them. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones to provide access wherever you may be.

· Students take responsibility for their progress by accessing their behaviour and assessment data, and they can easily check their timetables.

· You can update your information online, ensuring the school is alerted to changes in personal or contact details.

Better support for parents; better use of resources for the Academy

This shift from paper-based reports and posted letters means you will have the information you need whenever you want it and allows you to become much more involved in your child’s learning. It also means that we can use our resources to buy more equipment for students rather than paying to post letters home.

When will it be available?
Summer term student reports will be available on Sims Learning Gateway (SLG). We are launching SLG by Year group over the next few weeks. Your child will bring home two letters, one with your user name and a separate one with your password; you will also receive a user guide. We will be holding a series of drop-in sessions for parents to come along for support on using Sims Learning Gateway.  These are taking place on Monday 4th July and Tuesday 12th July between 5-6pm.

Click here to access Sims Learning Gateway