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Students celebrate top GCSE grades

posted 20 Aug 2015, 06:23 by Karen Bricknell

Sandown Bay Academy is pleased to report significant improvement on last year’s GCSE results. Early indications are positive with the Academy demonstrating improvement in a number of areas including Maths and the number of students achieving 5 A*-C grades. Performance in Modern Languages is improving strongly with increased numbers of students entering and achieving grades of A* to C in both French and Spanish. We are pleased to see improved results, particularly in Art, Drama and Music. The Academy is also delighted to report an increase in the number of students achieving the EBacc, which bodes very well for the future. The number of top grades is also up on last year with 339 grades at A */ A or equivalent achieved by the students.

Students with notable achievements include:

Grace Addyman with 10 A*s (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Religious Studies) and Distinction * (BTEC Performing Arts Acting).

Grace said

“On top of my studies I had so many opportunities while at Sandown Bay Academy. I really appreciated all the support from teachers, especially during exam time.”

Imogen Smith with 10 A*s (Maths, English Literature, English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Ancient History, Religious Studies, French, Spanish),
1 A (Biology) and 1 B (Art & Design).

Imogen Smith (left), Kayla Bamgbaiye (right) 

Sophie Swallow with 7 A*s (English Language, English Literature, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, History, Physical Education), 5 As (Ancient History, Biology, Chemistry, French, Religious Studies) and 1 B (Music).

Juliette Wrixon with 2 A*s (Chemistry, Physics), 6 As (Ancient History, Biology, Business Studies, Geography, Geology, Maths), 3 Bs (English Language, English Literature, Religious Studies) and 1 C (French).

Sophie Swallow (Left), Juliette Wrixon (right)

Sam Lapham with 5 A*’s (English Language, English Literature, History, Media Studies, Spanish), 5 A’s (Ancient History, Chemistry, Maths, Further Mathematics, Physics) and 2 B’s (Physical Education, Biology).

Sam said
“Collecting my results today was like the final steps of all my years at school. Knowing it has all paid off is a very comforting and promising thought.”


Hattie Pusey with 7 A*’s (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, Geography, History), 4 A’s (French, Maths, Music, Religious Studies) and 1 B (Ancient History).

Hattie said
“I am very grateful to the teachers who are always willing to help. I have had lots of opportunities while at Sandown Bay Academy, particularly being part of the School Council.”

Hannah Bean with 4 A* (English Language, English Literature, Computing, History) and 8 A’s (Ancient History, Biology, Chemistry, French, Maths, Music, Physics, Religious Studies).  

Chris Taylor with 3 A*’s (Maths, Further Maths, Physics), 6 A’s (Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Music, Spanish), 2 B’s (Biology, History) and 2 C’s (Ancient History, Religious Studies).

Chris said
“The staff have always been very approachable and I am really looking forward to starting my A Levels at Sandown’s Sixth Form.”

Oscar Pusey with 3 A*s (Ancient History, English Literature, History), 8 As (Biology, Chemistry, English Language, French, Geography, Geology, Maths) and 1 B (Religious Studies).

George Willis with 2 A*s (Maths, Further Maths), 6 A’s (Chemistry, Physics, French, Geography, Geology, Physical Education) and 5 B’s (Biology, English Literature, English Language, Religious Studies, Ancient History).

George said“The teachers gave me so much support with lots of revision sessions this year.”


Lily Wyatt with 2 A*s (English Language, Geography) and 9 A’s (Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, English Literature, French, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies).

Kirsty Thomas with 2 A*s (Graphic Products, English Literature), 5 As (Art & Design, Chemistry, English Language, Geography, Maths) and 4 Bs (Biology, French, Physics, Religious Studies).

Colby Sandells with 2 A* (Maths, Geography) , 7 As (Art & Design, Chemistry, Food Technology, English Language, English Literature, French, Religious Studies) and 2 Bs (Biology, Physics).

Phoebe Knight with 2 A*s (Art & Design, English Literature), 7 As (Business Studies, Chemistry, English Language, French, Geography, Mats, Religious Studies) and 2 Bs (Biology, Physics).

Leanna Bonnici with 2 A*s (Art & Design, Graphic Products), 4 As (Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Physics) and 5 Bs (Biology, English Language, English Literature, French, Religious Studies).

We are thrilled with the high numbers of students returning to the Academy for Sixth Form in September. The Sixth Form Centre is open for the rest of the summer holiday, if you have any queries or want to talk to someone following your results then please telephone and make an appointment. We are still accepting late applications for Sixth Form,  if you would like to find out more about our Sixth Form then please telephone 01983 409152.