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Students present employment law cases to 'Judge Kelly' in Business Studies...

posted 9 May 2018, 02:53 by Katrina Heather   [ updated 11 May 2018, 03:54 ]
A big part of the GCSE syllabus involves the realm of HR. At the moment students are looking at employment law. Miss Garey arranged for some mock trials to take place in a staged court room. Students were given four real life case studies where employees brought accusations of discrimination to tribunal. The class were arranged into legal teams and given a brief each. They had to learn the brief, one student had to act as the client, another as their solicitor and all had to research UK employment law to advocate their clients' rights. They knew they were up against Miss Garey as the solicitor for the businesses who had broken the law and that they had to argue persuasively so that Judge Kelly (Mr Kelly) would sympathise and award in their favour. The students were brilliant! All were on task and attentive, their court room presentations were excellent. The Judge ruled 3 times in their favour so we have some budding lawyers and HR gurus in the making!