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The Future of Sandown Bay Academy - An update from Richard Kelly

posted 9 Nov 2017, 04:49 by Katrina Heather   [ updated 10 Nov 2017, 01:26 ]

On Friday of this week, (10th November), the Isle of Wight Council will be publishing the proposal for consultation on the direction for Sandown Bay Academy. This is statutory requirement by the Department for Education. The official consultation starts tomorrow (10th November) and concludes on 7th December.

In summary the proposal is a closure of Sandown Bay Academy when AET leave on the 31st August 2018, and simultaneously The Bay CE Primary will expand it’s provision from 4-11 years of age, to 4-16 years of age.

This is in line with the consultation which took place in the Summer Term. The expansion of The Bay Primary encompasses all of the provision (students, curriculum etc.), and site which Sandown Bay Academy operates, with the exception of the Sixth Form provision.

A press release was issued today (9th November) by the Isle of Wight Council giving more detail, especially with regards to our Sixth Form. Please click here to access this. A plan for Year 12 students to complete their Year 13 education is being developed and the council have said that they will ensure that this happens.

As a school we are working with the Isle of Wight Council and Mr Phillip Walker. Mr Walker is responsible for skills and participation which includes 16-18 year old students to ensure that they have the right provision in place. A meeting with Year 12 parents has been scheduled for 22nd November 2017. For year 11 students, we will work with all other providers to ensure that independent advice is given and support mechanisms are put in place to support students with their plans for their futures.

As more information comes to light I will share this with you. In the interim all correspondence should be directed towards Richard Vaughn; Deputy Head of Strategic Development , Children's Services Department, The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UG (

Richard Kelly

10.11.2017 @ 09:25am - UPDATE: The public notice has been made available and can be viewed by clicking here.