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Trip to Portsmouth University for Sports Studies Day

posted 16 Dec 2015, 07:42 by Karen Bricknell

Sandown Bay Academy students went to Portsmouth University today for a Sports Science Day at Portsmouth University. The first lecture of the day was on the physics behind sport and in particular in gymnastics with Dr Chris Mills. Students looked at how arm positioning can affect the speed of a twist and how centre of mass changes can affect the speed of a somersault on a high bar apparatus. Issy and Georgia tried their hand on the experimental gymnast to see if they could get it to complete a full somersault by changing its body position.

Mini lecture two was with Professor Mike Tipton, looking at the physiological effects of the body in a range of environments, including space, altitude and hot and cold conditions. It was interesting to see the effects of wind chill and water on a volunteer using a thermal imaging camera. 

The last of the mini lectures was about Psychology, with Richard Thelwell, PhD. He talked about expectations of coaches, officials and fellow athletes as well as the importance of the coach:athlete relationship. 

During the afternoon the students had a tour of the Sports Science Department facilities including standing in a -24oC cold chamber and a 30oC heat chamber. They also saw the physiology labs including various fitness testing equipment as well as a water tank where participants can swim against a current. 

A positive day was had by all. Lots to see and hopefully it has helped to inspire the potential next generation of University students.