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Year 9 Geography Competition

posted 16 Jan 2014, 03:43 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 17 Jan 2014, 06:10 ]

Create a map of China’s physical geography.

The success criteria:

       Factually correct showing:

-          Altitude

-          Compass rose

-          Clear labelling

       No bigger than A3 size (3-D is allowed)

       Your name must be on it

       In by the deadline of: 29th Jan’ 2014.

There will be 4 separate awards for:

       The most creative

       Use of recycled materials

       The most accurate

       The tastiest!

10 vivos for every entrant!

25 vivos for the top entry from each Geography class!

Plus an extra 25 vivos for the outright winning entries in 4 separate categories!

Hand it in to your geography teacher or the Geography office.