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Principal's Blog - Friday 24th June

posted 24 Jun 2016, 02:11 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 24 Jun 2016, 05:08 ]

Students in all year groups across the Academy have been voting to leave or remain in the EU as part of a series of assemblies this week focusing on the EU referendum. A group of Year 10

Citizenship students led the assemblies. They put forward arguments for and against leaving the EU based around 4 themes they felt students would relate to:

·         Immigration

·         Trade

·         Education

·         Global Defence

At the end of the assembly students were asked to vote Leave or Remain. Sandown Bay Academy students voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union. I was really impressed with the students’ engagement in this topic and their willingness to ask some tough questions.

Please come along and support our Drama Club in their summer production ‘Three murders, a suicide and a near miss,’ next week. It is an abridged adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. Tickets are only £1.00. It is an outdoor performance (weather permitting!) so bring along a picnic.

Good luck to our students taking part in global rock on Saturday. Well done for all of your hard work; if the rehearsals are anything to go by we will be a tough act to follow. A special commendation to Jake Kernot and Chloe Nixon who have led the cast to create an amazing showpiece.

The Management Board at Sandown Bay Academy is looking to recruit two parent/carer members for September 2016. Click here to read the letter from Beverley Perin, Chair of the Management Board for further details. 

Enjoy your weekend

Claire Charlemagne

The week ahead 

MONDAY 27th June

EVENT: Year 10 Careers Show at County Show

EVENT: Secondary Schools Climbing Festival

EVENT: Trip to Wimbledon

ASSEMBLY: Year 9, South Hall, 11.-11.20am

EVENT: BAE Roadshow for Year 7, period 5, South Hall

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 1-1.20pm

EVENT: Year 8 Celebration Evening, 6.30-7.30pm, South Hall


TUESDAY 28th June

FIXTURE: U15 Cricket v Calthorpe School (away)

ASSEMBLY: Sixth Form, 11-11.20am, South Hall

EVENT: Bay Primary Sports Day, track  

FIXTURE: U12 cricket at Newclose, 12.20pm

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 11.00-11.20am

EVENT: KS3 Drama Club production ‘Three murders, a suicide and a near miss’, 5.30pm, an outside performance – bring a picnic 


WEDNESDAY 29th June – Sports Day

EVENT: Debate Club, 12.20-1pm, MR1

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 1-1.20pm

EVENT: Parent Surgery, 2.45-4.00pm, reception


THURSDAY 30th June  - Year 6 Intake Day

ASSEMBLY: Year 8, lecture theatre, 11.00-11.20am

ASSEMBLY: Year 10, South Hall, 11.-11.20am  

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 1-1.20pm

INTERHOUSE: Year 10 Tennis, 3-4.30pm

EVENT: Year 6 Intake Evening, 5-8pm


FRIDAY 1st July - Year 6 Intake Day

EVENT: Arran Trip

ASSEMBLY: Year 7, Lecture theatre, 11.-11.20am

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 1-1.20pm