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Principal's Blog - Friday 27th November

posted 27 Nov 2015, 05:36 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 30 Nov 2015, 00:05 ]

I was pleased to hear that the group of Year 9 students who attended master class sessions at Southampton University on Monday were great ambassadors for the academy. The group listened to a motivational talk by History undergraduate; this was followed by a quest, led by a PHD student, to uncover the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The day culminated in a competition to present ideas from the day about the importance of transferable skills in the workplace. A special mention must go to Amie Jupe- the team leader, who responded confidently to some tricky questions from a Professor.

Congratulations to our newest Honours Reader; Megan Hopkins in Year 7. Megan has gained over 100 points in Accelerated Reader books level 6 + and read and successfully quizzed on at least one book from the Honours list. At Sandown Bay Academy we take reading seriously. We know that reading each day for 20 minutes makes a difference and this is why Year 7 and 8 students stop each day to read in lessons and tutor time for 20 minutes. Please help us in our drive to improve literacy by encouraging your son or daughter to read at home. 

Congratulations to the Year 8 and Year 10 netball teams who both beat teams from Medina College this week, they showed brilliant perseverance and determination.


Green House were victorious in Inter House Archery, while Yellow House took the victory in Badminton this week.

There was a great atmosphere at the staff v students basketball match today. The staff team managed to win in a close game that ended 9-8.


Thank you to the Year 12 Parents who came along to Parents’ Evening this week, next Wednesday is Year 13 Parents’ Evening. Can I remind parents of the letter I sent out earlier this term about changes to timings of the day when there is a Parents’ Evening for Years 7-11, the first of these is Wednesday 9th December (click here to read a copy of the letter).


Enjoy your weekend.

Claire Charlemagne  

The week ahead 

MONDAY 30th November - Change of school day to accommodate Yr 11 English Mock Exam, tutor is at 10.40-11.00am, break is 11-11.20am

EXAM: Yr 11 English Mock Exam, GCSE: 8.45-11.00am, IGCSE: 8.45-10.30am

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 9.20-9.40am

ASSEMBLY: Year 7, South Hall, 11.00-11.20am – CANCELLED

EVENT: Year 9 leaders running the Primary School Indoor Athletics Comp, students out from 12.20pm


TUESDAY 1st December  

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 9.20-9.40am

EVENT: Revision session and exam for Yr 11 BTEC Sports Exam  

ASSEMBLY: Sixth Form, 11-11.20am, South Hall

EVENT: 6 Form first aid course, E19a

EVENT: Year 8 football match v CTK at Sandown, KO 3pm

EVENT: Dance Show Tech rehearsal, South Hall, 3-5pm

EVENT: Parent Forum meeting, 5.30-7pm, MR 1 & 2


WEDNESDAY 2nd December  

EVENT: HSLA Sports leaders visit to St Georges, 8.40-11.20am

EXAM: Yr 11 Art Mock Exam, Art students will be off timetable all day

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 9.20-9.40am

ASSEMBLY: Year 11, South Hall, 11.00-11.20am

EVENT: Debate Club, 12.20-1pm, MR1 (Motion: This House would close its borders with France)

EVENT: Year 13 Parents’ Evening, 2-7.15pm, East School

EVENT: Sound of Music band rehearsal, 3-4.30pm, E20


THURSDAY 3rd December  

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 9.20-9.40am

EVENT: 6 Form first aid course, E19a

ASSEMBLY: Year 10, South Hall, 11.00-11.20am

ASSEMBLY: Year 8, Lecture Theatre, 11.00-11.20am

EVENT: Year 12 & 13 Performing Arts Performances at Broadlea Primary

EVENT: Sound of Music Rehearsals, 3.15-5pm, South Hall

INTERHOUSE: Year 10 Badminton, Year 8 Archery, 3-4.30pm

FIXTURE: U13 girls football v CTK, home (4pm KO)


FRIDAY– 4th December  

READING TIME: For Year 7 & 8, 9.20-9.40am

EVENT: High Performance Academy day, 8.30-3pm  

ASSEMBLY: Year 9, South Hall, 11-11.20am

EVENT: Sixth Form Drink Driving Talk, South Hall, 2-3pm