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Principal's Blog - Friday 29th November

posted 29 Nov 2013, 05:28 by Karen Bricknell   [ updated 29 Nov 2013, 05:31 ]

Well that was an interesting week. It was never part of the plan to be on BBC TV, but we need to make everyone clear that the past is behind us and SBA will receive some credit for what it does well.

The performance ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was fantastic, so professional. The audience loved it:


'A funny, brilliant show. The best Sandown Bay have produced. Well done!'


'A fabulous show! A fabulous band! A fabulous cast! Just fabulous!'


'A very enjoyable show with strong performances and excellent singing voices. Very well done. Brilliant use of video to add to the experience. Obviously a lot of hard work has gone into rehearsals.'


'It was really funny. Excellent performance, slick, fast and every part was played with gusto! What talent'


'Seymour is spectacular well done all, really funny and fab!'

 ‘It was excellent and the cast deserved considerable credit for the effort and energy they put into the show.’

I liked Audrey 2, the plant; I could find a role for her in mopping up some problems!!

But the majority of our students are not problems at all.

 Those Year 10’s who, belatedly, received their trophies were a real credit to parents when I met them this week, and the parents have been told so. Ok, so that was 12 students, but the 160 Year 9 students who were also recognised for their excellent attitudes in an assembly were equally good.  It is attitudes such as these that represent the building blocks for the future.

Thanks to those parents who attended the Parent Forum on Monday, I heard what you said and things will happen, some more quickly than others but we will try and tell you what we have done in response. 

 We now need to push ourselves forward in the community, we are going to experiment more with social media and so if we get a Facebook page up, please flood it with likes and positives and defend us from “Troll” attacks (that’s what other people tell me might happen if we are not careful).

It was lovely to meet more parents at our Sixth Form Open Evening last night. I am also going to attempt to resurrect a Principal’s surgery on a Friday evening every two weeks and on those occasions that I do not return to Manchester.  The first one is taking place on Friday 6th December.

Year 7 parents please come along and support your children at the Torch Christmas celebration on 5th December.

And finally good luck to Y11 with their mocks….revise, go to bed early, keep off facebook and revise some more. It will be worth it!  

Best wishes 

Eric Jackson 

'Little Shop of Horrors'