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From September 2015 we will be using 'Show my Homework' to set homework across the Academy. In the first instance it will be used to show homework that has been set, it will not show grades given. 

Click here to access our 'Show my Homework' page. 

Click here to view the Parent Pack with lots of useful information. 

Click here to watch a parent tutorial on using 'Show my Homework.' 

Homework Expectations

It is the policy of the Academy to set homework for all students on a regular basis.  Homework is a valuable aspect of the learning process and contributes to the development of sound study habits.  Homework may take the form of a variety of tasks, not always written, and will serve a range of purposes, the main one being to reinforce and extend the learning objectives of a lesson.   

Click here to view the Academy's homework policy.

Academy homework will be set every week in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. In all other lessons, this will be at least once a fortnight. 

Time allocations per homework increase from Year 7 to Year 11.  The duration is expected to be:

Year 7: 20-30 minutes per subject

Year 8: 30 minutes per subject

Year 9: 30-45 minutes per subject

Year 10 and 11: 45 minutes per homework set

Years 12 and 13: Key Stage 5 students should on average be allocated at least four hours per subject each week.

Year 7 homework timetable - click here 

Year 8 homework timetable - click here 

Year 9 homework timetable - click here 

If your child is in Years 7, 8 or 9 they have a homework timetable.  This does need to be read in conjunction with their timetable.  Your child's timetable will allow you to see if they are on the Left of Right side of the timetable. It will also allow you to read the subject codes that relate to M,N,S and T. For further guidance on reading the timetable - click here. 

Your child has been given a copy of both and they should be inside their homework planner.

The instructions are below.

Year 7 groups are taught in L - left and R - right sides of the timetable. 

Years 8 and 9 are also divided by quads - these are coded as m, n, s and t.  They are simply the codes of the groups taught on that day. 
The students' timetables should reflect these codes in the group code for each subject

* Students who follow the  combined curriculum will have their own homework arrangements. These classes may have other codes on their timetables. 

** PE do not have set homework

Please contact us if you need any further assistance; 01983 409184. 


Student planners are issued to all students and should be used to keep a record of homework set and completed. In the event of perceived absence of homework set on any night of the week 30 minutes reading should be undertaken.

Click on the links below to view a curriculum outline and homework overview for each subject and year group. 

Child Care and Health & Social Care 
Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (Year 10) 
Construction, Land Based Studies and Horticulture 
Food Technology
RE & Citizenship

Click here for guidance for parents on helping homework go smoothly. 

Click here for to view the SAM Learning flier which is a great resource for students to refine and practice exam techniques. 

V2 Year 7 Homework Timetable - V2 2015.pdf
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11 Sep 2015, 02:25
V2 Year 8 Homework Timetable - V2 2015.pdf
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11 Sep 2015, 02:25
V2 Year 9 Homework Timetable - V2 2015.pdf
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