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Parental Consent Form (Offsite)

The Parental Consent Form is to be completed by the Parent/Guardian for each child attending the academy. It covers any offsite visit or activity including PE, Sports fixtures, Alternative Provision, Island and Mainland day trips, Residential trips, and Adventurous activities for the year September 2015 to August 2016. Parents/guardians must inform the academy of any changes to any information given in the form as soon as they happen, particularly medical data. No student will be allowed to participate in any off-site activity without this consent. You will receive a letter for every offsite trip (other than PE carried out during the school day) with a tear off consent slip which will give an opportunity to update any details given in the Parent Consent Form. 

Please click here to complete the form. You will need to either complete, save on your computer and then send from your email to [email protected] or print off and send back to the academy. Alternatively we can send you a hard copy to complete and return.