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The Sixth Form Team

The Sixth Form team comprises of tutors, managers and administrative staff, who will support and mentor students throughout their time in the Sixth Form. They work within the context of the whole school and with our collaborative partners across the Island and beyond.

Sixth Form Management Team

  • Mr Clarke - Sixth Form Leader
  • Mrs Bradshaw - Senior Tutor
  • Mrs Bricknell - Pastoral Manager

Administrative Staff

Sixth Form Tutors

  • Mrs Bradshaw
  • Mrs Bricknell
  • Mr Cunnington
  • Miss Godfrey
  • Mrs Oldridge
  • Mrs Page
  • Mrs Prewer
  • Mrs Riches
  • Mr Walker-Green
  • Mrs Walker-Green/Miss Hopwood
  • Mrs Williams
  • Mr Watkins
  • Mr Whittington

The School Captains

The current School Captains are as follows:

School Captains

Head Boy                                                                    Jordan Galsworthy

Deputy Head Boy (School Sports Captain)             Jack Wedderkop

Head Girl                                                                    Sophie Wrixon

Deputy Head Girl                                                       Ashlea Trueman

Sixth Form Captains

Leaders of whole school Governors, student voice, school council

Georgia Derbyshire, Amber Pierce,

Leaders of whole school events, promotion and planning.

Joe Saunders, Harry Manley

Leader of communication and publicity

Sarah Garnham

Leaders of Sixth form, houses, enrichment and opportunity

Jasmin Seaton, Trudie Wilson.

Leaders of Sixth form events promotion and planning

Tom Chard, Karen Elliott

Leader of Sixth form Governors, Student voice, school council

Katie Brailsford

Leaders  of learning and interventions and coaching

Katie Simmonds, Ed Lovell


The School Captains are nominated by other members of their Year Group and by their Subject Teachers. They are chosen because of their personal qualities, efforts and achievements, namely: high attendance, reliability, approachability, and excellent academic and extra-curricular success. They all have varying aspirations and are representatives of the School. They are such a good mix of people for the rest of the School and Visitors to relate to.

The School Captains have a pivotal role in the functioning of the School to provide a link between the Lower School and the Sixth Form. They also provide a connection between the teachers and the students and offer a voice for both. Speaking in House and Sixth Form Assemblies is a regular occurrence, to make announcements and promotions, and so all students have had the chance to be introduced to them. One of the most exciting roles is organising events to be enjoyed by the Sixth Form, which include working with each other to arrange our Summer Ball, and numerous charity and fun events throughout the School Year. School Captains are open to suggestions to help any charities or raise any issues for public awareness.