Physical Education

What's on offer at Sandown?

Physical Education develops students’ confidence and competence to take part in a range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives, both in and out of school. Sandown Bay Academy has a team of nine specialist P.E. staff. The department has superb facilities: a sports hall, a climbing wall/rock, an archery range, two gymnasiums, high quality games pitches, an athletics track, an all weather cricket pitch, two astroturfs, tennis courts, netball courts, and a fitness suite. There is an extensive range of clubs and plenty of opportunity for competitions and matches against other schools.

The PE Curriculum is very diverse and we offer an extensive range of sports and activities. At Key Stage 3 (11 – 14 years) students will experience sports such as basketball, hockey, netball, football, rugby, trampolining, gymnastics, fitness, tennis, badminton, volleyball, cricket, rounders, softball, ultimate frisbee, tchoukball,  athletics and team building activities. At Key Stage 4 (14 – 16 years) students have an opportunity to specialise in certain areas and can either continue a similar curriculum to that in Key Stage 3 or choose an Outdoor Learning option which involves climbing, archery, mountain biking, mountain boarding (ATBs), outdoor stove cooking and camp craft.

Students also have an option midway through their career at Sandown to follow courses in Sports Leadership/Coaching, GCSE PE and BTEC Nationals (16+ years).

The PE Department at Sandown understand the enjoyment and experiences that students can gain from residential trips and each year they run an Outdoor Pursuits trip to Wales and a Skiing Trip to Europe. This is in addition to all the day sports trips to the mainland to compete against other schools as well as trips to The Quays Swimming and Diving Complex and Lee Valley Athletics Stadium in London. 

Teams at Sandown Bay Academy perform exceptionally well and we are currently “the school to beat” in many competitions across the Isle of Wight and Hampshire.

PE Kit

GIRLS compulsory:

1 plain navy or white sports polo shirt with Academy logo

1 pair navy blue (football type) shorts

1 pair training shoes (no Converse pumps or similar ‘fashion’ pumps)

1 Academy games/rugby shirt with Academy logo

1 pair long football socks (House colour)

1 pair football boots (for football/rugby) ** 
BOYS compulsory:

1 plain navy or white sports polo shirt with Academy logo

1 pair navy blue football shorts

1 pair trainers (no Converse pumps or similar ’fashion’ shoes)

1 Academy games/rugby shirt with Academy logo

1 pair long football socks (House colour)

1 pair football boots (for football/rugby)

Advisable to buy:

Shin pads, Mouth guards (which students are able to fit and purchase at the beginning of the term through the PE Department to help avoid injury).

Optional extras for girls

1 pair black Spiro sports leggings

Optional extras for both girls and boys:

Academy PE Hoodie

Navy Blue or Black Academy Fleece

Navy Blue or Black Track Pants or Jogging Bottoms

(1) It is advisable, for reasons of hygiene and comfort, to provide your child with a spare set of underwear on P.E. lesson days, particularly in the wet/winter months.

(2) Please make sure that your child’s P.E. kit is clearly labelled with name and tutor group.

(3) Football boots for all students are necessary. Children slipping and sliding around the football or rugby pitches are a danger to themselves and to others. Screw-in studs must be safety studs (available from sports shops). An inexpensive pair of moulded stud boots is sufficient. Please speak to your child’s PE teacher to find out what time of year these will be used – children’s feet grow quickly!

 All PE Kit can be bought from the Sports Shop, Regent Street, Shanklin. 01983 862454.

Participation and kit policy 

The PE Department’s policy states that students should bring their PE kit to all of their lessons even if they are not participating due to injury or illness. We expect students to participate if they are physically able to.

What if my child is physically unable to do PE?

We require a signed and dated note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason your child is unable to participate in their PE lesson.

It is expected that your child brings their PE kit even if excused from the lesson. Students are expected to play an active learning role (official, coach, teaching assistant) and should continue to look like a part of the lesson, albeit in a more limited capacity.

We also ask students to change when not participating to ensure they have a dry uniform to change back into if their group has an outdoor lesson.

If a student needs to be excused for an entire block of activity we will require a medical note and we will design a bespoke plan of action dependent upon the medical condition.


 After school clubs

All clubs are run by specialist staff so if your child joins an after school club at Sandown they will be guaranteed some top class coaching as well as an opportunity to play for fun and further their skills. Students have the choice of taking their sport further by representing the school in the many teams and competitions which are held termly. They can also represent their house and compete in fun and friendly competitions which are held every Wednesday afternoon.

Sports clubs vary throughout the year and are for boys and girls. Some sports the girls train separately from the boys. Below is an example of what to expect:

Autumn Term:  Football, Netball, Rugby, Sports Hall Athletics,  Basketball, Archery.

Spring Term: Indoor Cricket, Trampolining, Cross-Country, Fitness, Netball, Football, Rugby, Climbing.

Summer Term: Athletics, Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Mountain Biking.

Any students wishing to play a sport after school that isn’t listed above are encouraged to help to start up new clubs with the assistance of a member of PE Staff.

How PE promotes British Values:

Within the PE Curriculum students have the opportunity to develop their teamwork and resilience and must demonstrate a mutual respect to their peers. Students need to work with their peers in all aspects of PE and Sport and demonstrate good teamwork in order to succeed. This also means being gracious in defeat and showing sportsmanship and respect both on and off the pitch.

Resilience and self-esteem are developed on a lesson by lesson basis, with the development of new skills only being enhanced by new experiences and learning to try again if at first students don’t succeed. Rule of law and democracy are essential in PE and Sport as everyone has to play by the rules. For SBA students this means being able to follow rules and laws in order to allow progress and flow within a sporting environment.

We teach and reinforce the concept of ‘fair play in competition’ throughout all P.E. lessons and through our participation in national, local and inter-house sports competitions. The principles and practices of following rules, celebrating and rewarding success, accepting defeat, participating in activities that promote cooperation with others, and inclusion-for-all form an integral part of the P.E. core curriculum.

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