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Students are expected to achieve an attendance rate of at least 95%. Rates of attendance below this will have a detrimental effect on the ability of students to achieve their target grades.

UNPLANNED ABSENCE e.g. sickness. 

Students are expected to let the Academy know on the first day by telephone. 409152 and also give their Form Tutor a parental note accounting for absence on the day they return. If a student is likely to have an extended period of absence, their parents should inform the tutor so that subject teachers can be made aware, and provision made, when possible and appropriate, for work to be sent home. 

Any student with a foreseen absence needs to complete an Absence Request Form. These are available from the Sixth Form Office. Students should use this form to obtain signatures from respective staff and seek advice regarding any work that will be missed. This form should then be submitted to the sixth form office Students will then be logged on registers as having an authorised or unauthorised absence. 

• An illness, a hospital or orthodontist appointment that cannot be arranged out of Academy hours. 

 Appointment cards need to be presented to your tutor before the appointment.

• Religious holiday / festival.

• A particular need to be with a family member if you have a ‘carer’ responsibility.

• Attendance at a funeral.

• A driving test (NOT lessons).

• Careers/University interviews and open days 

• A significant extra-curricular activity, for example taking part in a sporting event. 


The following will be logged as an unauthorised absence 

• Family holidays in term time

• Driving lessons.

• Hair / beauty appointments.

• Staying in for a delivery.

• Absence because of fatigue / tiredness / oversleeping.