Welcome to the Dance Department

Dance is important to the growth, self-esteem, and creative expression of students. Through dance, students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills. Dance awakens new perceptions in students that help them learn and think in new ways.

Key Stage 3:

The key stage 3 programme is intended to introduce students to dance and to prepare them for entry into BTEC. The students explore a variety of topics and themes covering a wide range of dance styles and issues. The basic concepts of Performance, Composition and Appreciation are introduced with students developing skills in all areas over the course of the programme.

Key Stage 4:

Edexcel BTEC Extended Certificate Level 2 Performing Arts (Dance) - Equivalent to 2 GCSEs

This course is about taking your first steps into the real world of performing arts, with a focus on developing skills in practical dance. If you are interested in developing your experience of dance styles, along with extending your own creative ability, this is the course for you! You will study variety of dance styles, such as contemporary dance, Urban and Jazz, as well as choreography (how to create your own dances).  You will have the opportunity to take part in dance performances, workshops and dance trips. To be awarded a grade in the BTEC Extended Certificate, students must complete three units and achieve a minimum of a pass in each unit. A Pass is equivalent to 2 C grades at GCSE, a Merit to 2 B grades at GCSE, a Distinction to 2 A grades at GCSE and a Distinction* to 2 A* grades at GCSE.

Within Dance lessons and workshops students will:

·         Learn many new dance skills.

·         Compose solo, duet and group dances.

·         Perform extracts of professional dances.

·         Have the opportunity to perform to various audiences.

·         Attend specialist workshops led by professional dancers.

·         Have the opportunity to watch live performances by professional dance companies.

·         Study professional dance work both practically and theoretically.

·         Develop both appreciation and evaluation skills.

·         Achieve grades Distinction* (2 x A*), Distinction (2 x A), Merit (2 x B), Pass (2 x C).

Key Stage 5:

Edexcel BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 Performing Arts (Dance) – Equivalent to one A level

This is an ideal course for those who wish to specialise in dance and develop their knowledge and dance technique. The course is ideal progress into a dance degree. This is a specialised vocational programme that can be combined with other Level 3 courses of study. A combination with the Subsidiary Diploma in Performing Arts Acting is strongly recommended for applicants with a particular interest in performance. You will study the following units:

·         Performing to an Audience;

·         Urban Dance

·         Contemporary Technique;

·         Dance Performance;

·         Choreographic Principles;

·         Jazz Dance


Edexcel BTEC Diploma Level 3 Performing Arts (Dance) – Equivalent to two A levels

This course will give you a more in depth understanding into the dance and the performance world. On top of the six units studied as part of the Subsidiary Diploma in Dance (see above), you will study the following six units:

·         Dance Appreciation

·         Site Specific performance

·         The healthy Dancer

·         Applying Contemporary Dance

·         Performance Workshop

·         Performing arts Business 

Both courses are designed to give you the experience of being part of a dance company. You will have the opportunity to perform in high quality venues, take part in professional workshops practising the responsibilities of a professional company and view professional dance companies.

Teaching/Learning and Assessment

There is group and individual work, written assignments, live performances, discussions, tutorials and independent learning. Facilities include a dance studio with a sprung dance floor and mirrors and a studio rehearsal room / dance performance area. Practical and written assignments are marked internally according to the Edexcel criteria and verified by a visiting examiner. Assessments will also be through dance company delivery workshops and final performances.

Qualification achieved: BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Performing Arts – Dance, Equivalent to one A Level A*- C grade, and BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts- Dance, Equivalent to two A levels A*-C grade.

Teaching Staff

Miss Taylor

Ms Bitner