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Sixth Form Dress Code 2016-17

Aims: Sandown Bay Academy Sixth Form is a large and increasingly diverse body of students. As recognition of the Sixth Form student’s growing maturity and independence, we expect students to dress in a way that is appropriate for a professional working environment, such as an office or business meeting. Our aim is to provide a fair and equal environment in which all students can fulfil their potential and celebrate their individuality while being role models for younger students.

The Sixth Form dress code encourages smart, stylish dress that expresses our students’ self-confidence, pride and sense of the standards expected in business and professional work places.

The Code: Unlike the lower school, sixth formers have some choice in what they wear, but they must dress in smart clothing that is black, white/cream or grey/pale pastel colours. Students should wear an outfit with an adult image that they would be happy to wear for a job interview or professional work placement.  

 The following black, white/cream or grey/pale pastel colour items should be worn  

Male Students

Female Students

  • Collared shirt
  • Tie
  • Smart tailored black or grey trousers
  • Plain dark jumper or cardigan (optional)
  • Plain jacket or blazer (optional)
  • Plain black or brown leather (or leather style) shoes or boots
  • Shirts can have a light stripe or pattern
  • Blouse / top that covers shoulders
  • Plain smart tailored trousers, dresses or skirts
  • Coloured scarf (optional)
  • Plain dark jumper or cardigan (optional)
  • Plain jacket or blazer (optional)
  • Plain black or brown leather (or leather style) shoes or boots
  • Blouses or tops can have a light stripe or pattern

Items to be avoided completely

  • Inappropriately revealing items such as low cut tops or mini skirts
  • Bare midriffs and off the shoulder tops
  • Bold stripes, checks or patterns
  • Hoodies
  • Caps
  • Jeans /denim of any description
  • Black or grey jeans
  • Combat trousers


  • Tracksuit tops or bottoms
  • Leather or similar trousers
  • ¾ length trousers
  • Jogging bottoms
  • Beach wear
  • Shorts
  • Tops displaying large logos, lettering or slogans
  • Polo, sports  and sweat shirts
  • Leggings, jeggings and lycra trousers


  • T Shirts
  • Vest tops
  • Trainers of any colour
  • Pumps /canvas shoes
  • Baseball boots
  • ‘Work’ boots
  • Flip flops
  • Excessive heels or platform soles.
  • Excessive jewelry or, jewelry that poses a safety risk.
  • Facial piercings




Students may choose to remove items or clothing as appropriate for Health and Safety reasons, for example ties during practical lessons.

Students are asked to avoid extremes in dress or hair colour. Any tattoos should not be visible and piercings other than ear lobes are not permitted.

Coats, gloves and scarves should be removed once inside the classroom.

Scarves are not permitted in examination rooms and hats should be removed once inside campus.  

Phones/ music devices and headphones can only be used in the sixth form area and cannot be on display around campus after 8.30 am.

BTEC Sports, Performing Arts and Dance students have their own dress code that must be followed. Students on such courses must not wear a hybrid of the two dress codes and students are expected to change into the above dress code for lessons in other subjects. 

If you are found to be in breach of the dress code, you will be asked to go home and change. Sixth form staff have the right to make the final decision about what is acceptable or unacceptable in all aspects of a student’s appearance


If you are not sure whether or not something is acceptable, choose something else or ask first.