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“Careers Education” and  “Information, Advice and Guidance” by definition is a means of developing a young person's knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills that they need to make well- informed, thought through choices and plans that enable  them to progress smoothly into further learning and work, now and in the future.


The Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is a means of providing all our young people with personalised support on learning and work pathways such as GCSE/A Levels, Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Employment with training especially with Year 9 options and Post 16 destinations.

Also, through IAG our students will receive support on other key issues that impact on their ability to develop and progress for instance personal wellbeing. 

In addition to using the expertise of academy staff, we buy in the services of an impartial, specialist support agency in order that our students are aware of a full range of opportunities that may be available to them.  

Our principles for good quality, impartial CEIAG:

                                   • All students are empowered to plan and manage their own futures.

                                   • CEIAG responds to the needs of each learner.

                                   • Students receive comprehensive information and advice.

                                   • All students are given opportunities to raise their aspirations.

                                   • CEIAG actively promotes equality of opportunity and challenges stereotypes

                                   • All students are helped to progress.

CEIAG Programme

Year 7-8

                                   • All Students are introduced to Careers Education through the tutorial programme.

Year 9

                                   • Initial meeting with IAG Mentor to discuss future plans and options.

                                   • Pathways evening to explore options for GCSE.

                                   • Form time careers discussions.

                                   • Local skills events

Year 10

                                   A-level taster days within academy and other visits to universities as appropriate.

                                   • Apprenticeship Fair.

                                   • Work Experience.

                                   • Open Evenings at colleges.

·         Input from Local Chamber and other organisations

                                   • Opportunity for parents to meet Team IAG at parents evening.

Year 11

                                   • Future First event.

                                   • Apprenticeship Fair.

                                   • Assemblies.

                                   • Prospectus and application process.

                                   • Drop in sessions with Positive Steps and IAG.

                                   • Targeted and requested interviews.

                                        • Apprenticeship workshops and interviews.

Visits to other organisations and universities

Sixth Form

Bespoke programme, including MEDROX

Online resources: 

Career companion and Resource Companion are independent and impartial careers resources which are easy to use, enabling students to make well informed decisions about their future. 

To access these sites please click on an image below. 


There are lots of useful links and resources on our Sandown Careers Facebook page - click here