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Student Voice

Student voice is held in high regard at Sandown Bay Academy and the following are guidelines of the opportunities to get involved.

Form representatives:

Each tutor group can nominate two students to represent their form group at regular house council meetings. These students have opportunities to discuss with their colleagues various issues and represent their views at such meetings. If more than two students wish to be involved, a rota per term may be adopted i.e the students take it in turns each term.

House Council

House council meetings take place in North Hall instead of the normal house lunchtime assembly, usually on the penultimate week of each half-term. These meetings are run by the students themselves, under supervision of the relevant house leader, and will also include House captains.

Sixth form Committee:

The sixth form committee comprise form representatives of each sixth form tutor group and usually discuss post-16 issues.

School Council:

These take place on Fridays, usually on the penultimate week of each half-term. This will differ slightly whilst being established. The time of meeting will vary, to lessen impact on individual lessons. At least two school captains sit on this council, plus FOUR members of each house council, and FOUR sixth form committee members.

Link with the Leadership team and Governors.

Members of the school council are invited to attend Senior Leadership team meetings each half-term and also have the opportunity to attend governor meetings. They have a link governor who attends some school council meetings, and an open invitation to request presence at a specific governor’s meeting.

Feedback is given to all students in the school in one of three ways

  • Minutes of all meetings are taken and communicated via form representatives who then feedback to colleagues in their tutor group.
  • House assemblies: Following each school council meeting, the school council representatives in each house will report back fully to the relevant house assembly.
  • A regular Student Voice column in the weekly school newsletter and on the school website.